Flight Box

The “Flight Box” is a “non subscription” mystery disc and swag box that you do not have to worry about the hassle of a monthly subscription mystery box, or wait a month for. Just order and it ships same day. Flight box available for all Dynamic Discs, all Latitude 64, all Westside Discs, all Handeye Supply stamped (Trilogy), and Trilogy Mix. Each box comes with one Driver, one midrange, one putter and 2-3 swag items plus stickers. Each box will have at least one Fuzion/Tournament/Gold Burst plastic, one Opto/vip plastic and one putter grade plastic discs. One out of 5 boxes will get a first run disc as their Opto/Vip Disc. Limited editions and autogtaphed discs will be slipped in here and there also.
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